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The Cloud is more than a buzzword… it’s an epic shift in business efficiency and leverage. The majority of companies today are candidates for IaaS. Key pain points addressed by IaaS are as follows:

  • Experienced costly downtime due to server outage.

  • Multi-location with users spread out.

  • Wanted to upgrade software but existing hardware is too old.

  • Growth is exceeding the current workloads that can be handled by on-premise or legacy servers.

  • Has compliance or regulatory requirements.


Advance Telecom Solutions is here to help you choose the right Infrastructure partner for your business.  

  • We will learn your existing business structure and goals.

  • We will understand your existing applications and determine which applications can be virtualized.

  • We will research to source the optimal supplier.

  • We will help implement and support the selected solution.

  • After implementation, we will provide ongoing support, including customer service and escalations.

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